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Property Financials Calculator

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Property Current
This column shows the current financial state of the subject property. These inputs are factual and they are based on verified information.

Year 2 Pro Forma
This column is based on a stabilized condition of the subject property. These inputs assume proper property performance by using our investment suggestions (proper management, bringing rents up to market rate, vacancy absorption, etc).

Debt Service
This column allows the user to add custom financing scenarios


View the return metrics based on various inputs. 

"Annual Net Income", "Monthly Cash Flow", "Cash on Cash Return", "Equity Value", and "Equity Multiple" are based off of the "Year 2 Pro Forma" column inputs. 


Year by Year Property Data

 Property Value

Remaining Loan Balance

LTV Ratio

Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Cumulative Net Cash Flow

Total Equity (Includes Net Cash Flows)


Annualized ROI

Equity Multiple

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